Teas That Enhance Health & Well-Being


At Be Happy Boutique, a cup of tea is much more than a hot beverage.

It’s a sign of friendship; it’s a mean to connect us with our customers and vice versa. The teas we carry are 100% organic and do not contain dyes, artificial fragrances or preservatives. While we encourage you to enjoy a cup or two of tea, that isn’t the only thing we have to offer. Be sure to browse through our selection of candles and other small gifts. Inspirational gifts are also available, for your convenience.


Small Gifts for Tea Lovers

Everyone knows at least one person who has become exceptionally difficult to shop for over the years. Therefore, stocking a variety of loose leaf teas,  and several other tea accessories will make gift giving easy. Though you may not think so, gifting teas is actually an act that is full of meaning and significance. Express your appreciation for a friend or family member with a useful and beautifully packaged tea gift from our boutique. All items are perfect for daily use, entertaining, and, of course, gift giving for a beginner or a tea connoisseur.


Benefits of Loose Leaf Teas

Teas help our body! Take advantage of its many healing benefits that include reducing cancer risks, oral health, cardiovascular health, bone health, weight loss, immune health, and cognition.  

Our boutique carries several types of teas and blends, including:

  • Green – It’s no secret that there are many health benefits associated with green tea. It’s full of antioxidants that may prevent the growth of certain cancers and clogging of arteries. It’s also said to help burn fat, improve cholesterol levels, and more.
  • White – Research shows that white tea, which is uncured and unfermented, has the most effective anticancer properties.
  • Herbal – There are a number of herbal blends available that can help with digestion, insomnia, and ward off diseases.
  • Oolong – The health benefits of oolong tea are numerous. Studies show that drinking oolong tea can help you lower bad cholesterol levels.
  • Black – While it contains the highest amount of caffeine, black tea isn’t bad for you, like an energy drink or caffeinated sodas. Research shows that black tea may help to protect the lungs from cigarette smoke exposure. It’s also said to help reduce the risk of stroke.

Are you looking to sweeten your cup of tea? Instead of using tablespoon after tablespoon of sugar or artificial sweeteners, add a hint of sweetness to your tea with our pure cane brown sugar cubes. You’re sure to love the taste so much that you’ll never use another sweetener again.


Create a Perfect Environment with Tyler™ Candles

Tyler Candle Company’s scented candles are much more than a luxury. Candles can create a calm atmosphere and make you feel at peace after a long, stressful day.


Having a bad day?

 Light one of these scented candles to improve your mood instantly. There are many scents available. Stop by and find the perfect scent for you and your family.

Though the company is well known for its selection of candles, those aren’t the only products you’ll find with the Tyler Candle Company. Check out the company’s vast selection of mixer melts, laundry detergent, lotions, room sprays, and more.

Tyler Candle Company has a long history of success. In addition, this family-owned company has an extended list of lifelong customers and there’s no secret as to why. The Tyler Candle Company takes great pride in creating quality products that stimulate your senses—you can smell it in every candle.

Contact us to learn more about our wide selection of teas, candles, and other small gifts.