Cheetah Print Repurposed Leather LV Duffel Bag


Weekend adventure awaits in this signature cheetah print weekender duffel bag.

Shoulder strap

Hair on hide/Leather/repurposed LV detail

Fully lined with inside zipper compartment/Velcro computer/IPAD pocket.





Note: Just like us humans, and anything else with hair, it sheds (except for those 23 hypoallergenic breeds of dog). It’s just the natural part of using something with hair. We have contacted all of our leather companies that we buy our hair on hides from, and we have heard the same answer from all of them: “It’s a natural product, it’s going to shed.” Just like knitwear pilling, thinning and shedding may occur. The parts that get more use will show wear sooner, such as the side that rubs against your hip. Knitwear will cause this to happen sooner than other fabrics. The hairs also might get caught in your knits. This is simply a side effect of carrying a beautiful hair on hide bag. If this is a side effect that you are unhappy with, then hair on hide might not be the best choice for you. It is a delicate product, please handle with care.


ALL LV bags are repurposed from legally purchased LV products, all LV repurposed bags do

not fall under any warranty by the LV Corp. This product is made with love of leather & Style Not made by LOUIS VUITTON.

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